Sanctuary City Ordinance Tabled - A Success Story

Eastern New Mexico News Article Image - Ordinance Tabled
Mon, 11/07/2022 - 19:31

In a matter of one week we have:

-Drawn national attention to the progressive movement in Eastern New Mexico;

-Blocked what would’ve been the first anti-abortion ordinance in New Mexico;

-Got out the vote and elected progressive, repro-friendly officials that have promised to protect our rights.

Our work isn’t over yet but all of you should be soooo proud!!

Next Clovis City Commission Meeting is November 17th at 5:15pm!  The local Christian Nationalist groups are planning to attend to try and sway the Commissioners to reintroduce the ordinance (or take other action).  We are planning to be there to speak as needed and to reinfornce that tabling/eliminating the ordinance is in the best interest for all citizens of Clovis.  If you can attend as a proactive measure, you are invited! 

Wear your pins if you attend!  If you don't have a pin, we still have extras.  

Keep up the good fight, friends.