About Eastern New Mexico Rising

Founded in July, 2022, Eastern New Mexico Rising is a non-partisan, progressive movement that empowers individuals and connects communities by promoting bodily autonomy, equality, diversity, human rights and civil liberties through dialogue, education and advocacy. 

You will find us in our community working to enact positive and progressive change.  Some might call us revolutionaries - but we're just local citizens who care about our community and making it an equitable, diverse and welcoming place to live.  You'll find us engaged with our local City and County Commissions, the New Mexico State Legislature, national organizations and movements that align with our progressive roots.  You'll also see us supporting (through our actions, donations and fundraising) our local non-profit organizations, such as the children's home, local schools, domestic violence shelters, food banks and any and all causes that our members are passionate about. 

We meet online and in-person to discuss issues that are important to us and to determine how we, as a community, can have an impact on local and State governing bodies that determine our future. This can range from sitting down with our representatives and having a discussion, to educating the community about issues they might care about, to participating in a peaceful protest. 

New Mexico Rising is a tax-exempt, 501c4 organization.  A copy of the IRS letter of determination is available for inspection.  Individual contributions are not tax-deductible.