Earth Day Clean Up 2023

Photo of ENMR members at Earth Day Clean Up event
Laura Wight
Tue, 04/25/2023 - 16:36

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Eastern New Mexico Rising recognizes the uphill battle of restoring and preserving our environment. We held our first annual Earth Day Cleanup, and picked up an astounding amount of trash at Goodwin Lake Trail in Clovis. Thank you to all the volunteers who came out and dedicated their time and energy to removing litter from our local park.  It was a huge success!

While the majority of the worlds pollution comes from only a handful of greedy corporations, there are small things we can implement into our everyday lives that help reduce individual waste and preserve our local ecosystems.

Some ideas include:

-listen to indigenous communities

-use reusable water bottles, ziplocs, bags, and straws

-dish rags/sponge instead of paper towels on counters

-reduce waste and harmful chemicals at home by making homemade all-purpose cleaning spray instead of buying the same bottle over and over (first screenshot)

-let native plant species grow

-leave dandelions and other “weeds” alone

-thrift or buy used clothes instead of buying fast fashion

-go seed bombing

-grow your own produce

-plant flowers that support local pollinators

-make your own bread

-buy local meat instead of using big box stores

-carpool or bike when you can ( if you’re able)

-give “meatless mondays” a try

-stop mowing your lawn, or mow only half of it

-learn what types of plastics are safe or not to reuse (second screenshot)

-go stargazing

-use stuff around the house instead of buying unnecessary items from Amazon

-contact your reps about climate change and pollution

-go lay in the grass

-participate in litter pick up

-start composting

-get involved with other active community members

Whether you do 20 of these items or just 1, we can all come together as a community and fight to restore and preserve our local habitats.