Act now - Sign the Petitions to Bring Harmful Ordinances to a Special Vote!

Crowd of progressive speakers at the January Roosevelt County Commission Meeting
Tue, 01/17/2023 - 15:16

Our reproductive freedoms are under attack in Eastern New Mexico.  Less than one week apart in January of 2023, the Clovis City Commission and the Roosevelt County Commission both passed anti-choice 'sanctuary city' ordinances.  Misled, belittled and coerced by Texas Right to Life extremist Mark Lee Dickson and his followers as well as a small group of local extremist pastors, our local commissioners have succumbed to political pressure and have abandoned their constituents.  These ordinances are a horrendous violation of the rights of New Mexico citizens to access abortion services as healthcare.  They are detrimental to the right of individuals to keep healthcare decisions private between an individual and their doctor.  What's worse, these ordinances will be exponentially detrimental to at-risk and marginalized populations within our communities.  Given Governor Lujan-Grisham's Executive Order on healthcare access ( )as well as the recent Department of Justice opinion on the Comstock decision (, these ordinances are also illegal.  We are tremendously disappointed in the decisions our local elected officials have taken on the ordinances - but we are not powerless - and we are not done fighting!   

Eastern New Mexico Rising has filed to gather signatures in order to petition for a special election vote both with the City of Clovis and with Roosevelt County.  If enough signatures are gathered by registered voters in our community, then both the City of Clovis and Roosevelt County will be required to hold a special 'mail-in' ballot vote on these ordinances.  This will allow the citizens to vote on these ordinances, rather than just accepting the will of the Commissioners to force the ordinance implementation in our community.  Regardless of where individuals stand politically on the issue of abortion - we can all agree that every citizen deserves to have a vote on this matter.  

We need signatures from registered voters who live within the City of Clovis.  We also need signatures from registered voters who live within Roosevelt County.  If you would like to add your signature to either of our petitions, please email us at: and we will arrange to bring the petition to you for a signature or we can let you know dates/times where you can publicly sign the petitions!  Similarly, if you are interested in helping our group gather signatures in either the City of Clovis or Portales/Roosevelt County, we would love your assistance.  Every signature counts and we have 30 days to gather signatures, so please get ahold of us soon to add your signature to the petition!  We need everyone on board so we can protect the rights of individuals within our community!